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360 Degree Photo Gallery


One of the most amazing inventions that makes great use of digital technology is 360 degree photography.

With a digital camera, a proprietary Java plug-in and a little magic, we can create some amazing panoramic images that give the illusion of actually being in a place.

Just click on one of the images to the right to download and view. Broadband users will experience this much better.

Dial-up users should expect to wait at least 5 minutes for the Loches, France image, but it will be well worth the wait!!! The Forbes Med-Tech Center is much more bandwidth friendly and was designed for dial-up modems (56kbs). The panoramic of the Cathedral in Ivory Coast is also large.

Forbes Med-Tech Center, Pittsburgh, PA
(84 Kb)

14th century manoir in Loches, France
(655 Kb)

The largest Basillica in the world. Yamousoukro, Ivory Coast, (322 Kb)